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Macklemore - Same Love

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So much has gone on...   The "brainless shit bag" from previous posts is still around.  He somehow managed to start working out of the office without anyone caring.  That just infuriates me, because now he does even less than before, and nobody really even knows where he is, or when he shows up or leaves.   Its crazy!  But at the same time... I'm glad I don't have to see him every day.

In other news... I found out the owner of the company I work for has sold the business.  So yeah.. looks like I'll have to be looking for a new job which sucks.   I have seven years invested in this place...   to start over with a pay cut is going to hurt me and the family financially in a big way.  The next year or two will be rough  :(

On the up side.. I've had the opportunity to discover a new music artist that I'm now hooked on.   His name is Macklemore.  he is a Seattle based rapper.   I don't really listen to rap music, and I haven't really liked rap since I was in high school.  But this guy is pretty good.  Its not all pimps and hoes.. and bling bling.   his music actually has meaning.   I came across his music on you tube a few weeks ago.  There was a big stir going on about one of his songs (Same Love) dealing with equality in same-sex marriages.  Its actually a really good song.. and since its a hot debate topic lately... the song really blew up quick.

the CD (The Heist) was released maybe a week ago.. and i'm happy to say I actually paid for the album....  Something I haven't done since around 2001.
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Well... I still have a job
The brainless shit bag hasn't said a word to me since the beginning of the month... Fine by me.

I'm looking forward to vacation next month.  I'm going camping in Oklahoma.. should be interesting.

In other news... had a fight with the wife last night...   Nothing major.. just stupid stuff.     I love animals, and she doesn't.  Currently, we have a family cat named Chloe.  Everyone loves the cat except my wife.. not sure why.   Anyway... a coworker (not the brainless shit bag) brought in some puppies she is trying to find homes for.   long story short.. 

I WANT A PUPPY SO BAD!!!  :(   .... and my wife is a major bitch of an animal hater. 


so yeah..   me and the kids are probably going to look at the pound this weekend lol.

work vent
This is going to be one of those.. my co-worker is a "brainless shit bag" type of entry.   So.. yeah.

The way I see it,  there are three categories that sum up what people in an office environment are like.  

First you have the brainless... those that just don't seem to understand things, or know that they are the ones that are suppose to be working on things. Never mind that they've had the same routine for the past five years, they still just don't know how to do certain things.

Then you have the shit bags.  Their hardest job is trying to look busy all day. Shit bags also like to steal credit for things that they had little to no part in.  You could figure out the meaning of life and  all existence, and a shit bag will try to take all the credit for handing you a pen to write it all down with.

Then you have the people that actually do work.  This group usually tends to fly under the radar in hopes to not have more work tossed on them. And they usually wind up helping the brainless.  This group will usually work the longer hours, and not complain to much when more work does come up.    I of course consider myself to be in this

my co-worker on the other had.. is magically a combination of the other two.  Thats right!  A brainless shit bag!  It seems like the only good skill he has is writing an effective resume. He lacks even the most basic knowledge to complete any task, and makes no effort to learn.  

whats worse, is he somehow makes more money than me.... ugh..   

I really really want to vent more... but the brainless shitbag needs my help... 

sigh... they way things are going....  lets see if I still have a job after this week.  :(

Dayyyyy-o... Me say day, me say day me say dayyyy-o
Daylight come and me wan'go home!

Bored at work!!!  Seems like everytime that happens I wind up here on LJ.  I'm starting to like LJ more and more than Facebook too..   FB is getting too... busy.  I want to be able to post shit thats going on in my life, and you know... vent a little. And lately FB is more of a popularity contest.   Who's got the cool profile pics, who's got the cool song on thier wall, who found the funny picture of the day.. etc.  eh, I really don't care about all that.. its just visual noise to me.  

Yep... good ol LJ..   all you need it a catchy moniker and an icon

Cabs are here!!
Its time to plan my summer vacation!  I sort of want to take another cruise, and my brother and nephew want to go too wich wold make that cool... sort of a family thing ya know?  so yeah.. my problem is that the last cruise I took i sort of spoiled myself.  I took a 7 day to the bahamas / key west, and I got a room with a balchony .  And now none of the others sound as fun. There is a cruise to cozumel.. and one to the yucatan... but.. eh..  Now I have to pay for two teens also.. so I'll have to get a much cheaper room.. and i'll have less to spend on booze... and I dont know.. it just doesn't sound as exciting in my mind.    its mexico... I live like 30 minutes from mexico.. how good can cozumel be?

Writer's Block: ONTD Games Giveaway
Ezio Auditore from assasins creed...  good to have in your corner in a fight..   he's good with the ladies... and he is Italian so we could watch Jersy Shore together.   We could fist pump.. I'd call him  "The Assasination"

I am the greatest man that ever lived! =w=
So yeah.. here at work and wishing I were somewhere else.  No where specific really.. just not stuck here.   I went to the flea market this past weekend.  I never really buy anything, I just like to get out and wander around.   I always have that feeling like at any moment I'm going to stumble upon some really great item that is being sold for pennies and is worth hundreds.. lol crazy I know.  But thats what happens when you watch to much storage wars on the history channel.  

Anyway, I did manage to buy these really small plastic beads (about half the size of a bb) that you're suppose to dump into water, and they swell up to about the size of a grape.  They are used to put into a clear vase instead of dirt for a plant.  I'll have to admit..  I'm pretty amazed by these things..   I have a small 4inch vase with one of those lucky bamboo plants in it, and to that I added about 3 packs of these small plastic beads,  Which I've learned this week was about 2 3/4 packets too much..  I actually had to bring another small vase that does nothing but hold the spillage from vase 1.  So far I gotta say its the most entertainig thing i've bought in a while..  I can't stop messing with them... bouncing them around my desk.. smashing them... trying to dry them back out..  

.. I hope they are non toxic...  :x

Writer's Block: Learning Curve
It's said that you learn something new every day. What did you learn today?
2 things...
one.. when installing memory into a laptop, you don't always have to take the whole damn thing apart. Just got an hp4530s, and getting to the "guts" is literally as easy as taking off the battery.. cool beans. (yeah i said cool beans)

two.. when the HR lady hints at reporting my excesive fule card usage.. all I have to do is mention how people are constantly signing up for social network sites using work e-mail.. and how by doing this.. all their messages are logged on our mail server for me to peruse at my leisure.

Helllooooo 2012
So yeah... I was going through an old e-mail account that I don't really use anymore, and I found some e-mails that were from LJ updates.  I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I read my earlier posts... as it turns out.. I'm a pretty funny guy lol. 

As luck would have it I happend to remember my password here so yeah.. time for an update...

Lets see.. my last update was in 2007, and the one previous to that was in 2006...

Well I mentioned a co-worker who was interested in me...  at the time, and I was sort of lost as to what I was goign to do about that..

Well... I married her :)  Her two kids are now my two kids, and we have been living together for about 4 years now.    I'm still working at the same place, which is so not like me.. lol but oh well.

I haven't been to the gym in forever either... which sucks.. cause damn did I get  
I blame the relationship for that that though... seems like most of our dates involved us having a meal somewhere.    Its funny the way time changes things.. and how differen't things were... even though it doesn't feel like it was that long ago.  5 or 6 years since my last post... it doesn't seem like that long.. 5 years.. thats nothing...  and stil....  here I am...   A married man... a dad..

ok.. well.. its time for me to abandon this LJ yet again... see you in a few more years...

.... maybe..



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