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Dayyyyy-o... Me say day, me say day me say dayyyy-o
Daylight come and me wan'go home!

Bored at work!!!  Seems like everytime that happens I wind up here on LJ.  I'm starting to like LJ more and more than Facebook too..   FB is getting too... busy.  I want to be able to post shit thats going on in my life, and you know... vent a little. And lately FB is more of a popularity contest.   Who's got the cool profile pics, who's got the cool song on thier wall, who found the funny picture of the day.. etc.  eh, I really don't care about all that.. its just visual noise to me.  

Yep... good ol LJ..   all you need it a catchy moniker and an icon

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I agree. Livejournal lets you connect more. I only have fam and coworkers on FB and I cant vent there :S I <3 Lj :D

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